Any delay in receiving dental treatment for fractured, broken teeth and diseased gums can not only affect the appearance of your smile but also cause jaw pain. Decaying tooth and gums can negatively impact oral and overall health and even lead to inconvenience in daily life.

If you find that your gums, teeth, and jaw are not functioning as usual, and there is pain and discomfort in use—you may be a fit candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Call (858) 275-2054 and schedule your appointment with Excellence Dental dentist Dr. Amy Khajav to know how she can restore the functions of your teeth, gums, and jaw, give back your beaming smile, and dramatically enhance your quality of life.

What Happens In A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

In a full mouth reconstruction, which is a restorative dentistry technique, the procedure is designed individually to take care of many dental conditions in one consolidated treatment plan. The full mouth should not be mistaken with a smile makeover, which is entirely a cosmetic procedure, more so because full mouth reconstruction is medically required to restore oral health. In the treatment, two or more procedures are combined to repair fractured or worn fractured teeth, correct a person’s bite, replace missing teeth, and rehabilitate receding or diseased gums. The objective of a full mouth reconstruction is to give back the patient the entire function of the mouth so the patient can eat, smile, speak and live comfortably without stress and discomfort.

Do I Require Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Khajav assesses all patients on a case-by-case basis for their suitability for the full mouth reconstruction procedure. If you have two or more of the following issues, you may be a fit candidate for the treatment:

Missing teeth owing to trauma or decay

Fractured or broken teeth

Eroded teeth due to tooth grinding or acid

Gum disease or receding gums

Continuing muscle and jaw pain, or headache

During your preliminary dental exam, Dr. Khajav will meticulously examine your mouth to ascertain the magnitude of your dental problems. Dr. Khajav will also go through your dental and medical history. As a part of the initial investigation, you may need to have impressions made and X-rays done of your lower and upper teeth. Then, after this assessment, Dr. Khajav will create a personalized treatment plan to resolve your dental issues.

Usually, What Does Full Dental Reconstruction Include?

A full mouth reconstruction makes use of two or more restorative procedures that are carried out over a period of several months. Your personalized treatment plan may include:

Replace missing teeth, dental implants

Dental crowns to sustain performance of chipped or damaged teeth

Porcelain veneers to address uneven tooth alignment or worn out tooth enamel

Using dental bridges to close gap between two teeth

Full or partial dentures to substitute missing teeth

Gum treatment to restore recessed or diseased gums

TMJ treatment to enhance the bite and lessen TMD symptoms

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If you are trying to seek dental solutions for multiple dental problems that are affecting how you are chewing, eating, or even living your daily life, get in touch with Dr. Amy Khajav today to know more about full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Khajav is a skilled and experienced dental practitioner who has helped and served many patients in the Rosarito area to attain healthy and beautiful smiles. Please schedule your consultation today by calling

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

In a full mouth reconstruction, which is a restorative dentistry technique, the procedure is designed individually to take care of many dental conditions in one consolidated treatment plan.

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What is Gum Contouring ?

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Ozone Therapy

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Metal Free Dental Implants

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