Sinus Lift – Piezotome

How The Piezotome Is Indispensable For Dentists And Patients

The Piezotome, which incorporates piezoelectric instruments, is widely and successfully used in dentistry. Numerous clinical studies support its effectiveness and behind its success lies the modulated piezo signal, which allows a clean cut, tissue relaxation, and ideal cell repair and healing. And the sterile spray, which comes with the instrument, continuously cools the tips of the Piezotome handpiece, and this helps avoid tissue damage due to exposure to high temperatures.

Designed by ultrasonics leader Satelec, the inventor of piezoelectric ultrasonic machines for dental use, the Piezotome has significantly reduced the difficulty in performing dental procedures such as osteotomy, sinus lifting, crown lengthening, extraction, remodeling, curettage and crown lengthening.

The Piezotome, which provides optimal visibility of the operating field, is a powerful, safe and efficient device for dental practitioners including the dental surgeon, endo specialist, periodontologist, maxillofacial surgeon, and implantologist to confidently carry out fast and precise treatments.

The dental professionals and Dr. Amy Khajavi at Excellence Dental, too, use the highly dependable Piezotome during dental surgery, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, and TMJ because of its time-tested benefits.

Long Life, Reliability, Versatility

Launched in 2005, the device and its accessories are well-recognized in global dentistry for being reliable and ensuring successful and profitable surgical treatments. The Piezotome can be utilized for complicated pre-implant surgery or more traditional treatments and prophylaxis by choosing and alternating between two separate handpieces: Piezotome and Newtron.

To provide an idea about its efficacy, the Newtron technology behind the handpiece by Cruise Control® ensures gentle, controlled, and regular vibrations of the Satelec® tips—so that continuous action, even on deep cuts, can be performed. Therefore, the incisions are made rapidly, without too much pressure, which reduces risks of lesions on soft tissues. As there is a choice of over 100 ultrasonic instruments, the Piezotome offers access to the widest range of tips for procedures.

Simplicity And Ergonomics

A major ergonomic and feature of the Piezotome is that it offers two modes—the Piezotome and the Newtrom. In the Piezotome mode, four programs can be selected as per need and bone density. The Newtron mode is useful for surgical endodontics and periodontics, periodontal maintenance, and conservative dentistry. The other features are given below.

The machine unit can be easily disinfected
There are a dual footswitch and hands-free concept
The irrigation lines can autoclavable 100 times
Choice of power programs in the form of a 1-2-3-4 mode
The pump is ultra-quiet and fast to set up

Significant Advantages Of Using The Piezotome

While the Piezotome’s major benefit is that its modulated signal ensures the preservation of soft tissue, mucous membranes, nerves, and arteries—there are other significant benefits for both patients and doctors.

With a slim tip, the cuts are precise, which promote bone preservation

The healing is faster, and there is reduced post-operative pain

There is reduced risk of trauma with piezoelectric instruments: with no intraosseous temperature increase, the risk for necrosis or cell death is limited.

When dentists irrigate with the Piezotome handpiece, there is a hemostatic effect on the surfaces of the cut surfaces due to cavitation and production of nascent oxygen. This ensures that the treatment area is free from bleeding and healing is rapid.

Comfort factor is beneficial for patients as the piezoelectric effect results in a regular movement with no extraneous vibrations

The Piezotome is particularly useful in sinus elevation by both lateral and crestal approaches, and dentists can also perform total or partial extractions

Piezotome preserves soft tissues as it offers a selective cut, which can be active on hard tissues so that there is no damage to soft tissues such as membranes, nerves, and arteries.

Piezotome For All Specialists

The Piezotome high-powered device is versatile and used by both general practitioners and specialists.

General practitioners and periodontologists can use its two modes for conventional treatments such as prophylaxis, periodontics, endodontics, and restorative dentistry to carry out extractions, osteotomy, and crown lengthening

Endodontists use the Piezotome instruments for canal cleaning and retro-surgery

Implantologists for all the surgical treatments and especially pre-implant surgery to avoid soft tissue damage during sinus elevations, bone grafting, and extractions, etc.

Maxillo-facial surgeons use the implantology motor along with the selective cut of the power ultrasonics for speedy and safe surgery and bone reconstructions.








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Sinus Lift – Piezotome

The Piezotome, which incorporates piezoelectric instruments, is widely and successfully used in dentistry. Numerous clinical studies support its effectiveness and behind its success lies the modulated piezo signal, which allows a clean cut, tissue relaxation, and ideal cell repair and healing.

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